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Top jobs in the metaverse that aren’t in design.


Top jobs in the metaverse that aren’t in design. Top jobs in the metaverse that aren’t in design.

Key Takeaways

  • The metaverse presents an opportunity for Brand Strategists and Digital Marketing Managers to create immersive experiences that engage customers in innovative ways.
  • Marketers can prepare for these challenges by learning more about Web3 technologies and capabilities, such as NFTs and blockchain technology.
  • User and customer experience research will be critical to a company's success in the metaverse. Researchers can apply many of the principles of game user research to the metaverse.
  • Project Managers are essential to delivering successful metaverse experiences and can prepare and upskill by understanding Web3 concepts and issues around privacy, data security, and compliance.

If you are a Designer, you're hopefully excited about jobs in the metaverse. You already design digital assets, build experiences, and develop solutions to problems through empathy and emotion. Web3 and the metaverse are new frontiers to apply design and systems thinking to create human-centered immersive experiences for everyone. But even if you're not a Designer, you should be excited too!

As a Recruiting Leader, many people ask me if a career developing and shaping the metaverse is relevant for those not in design and engineering. And my answer is YES! Many other jobs will be critical to building immersive experiences and helping businesses drive value from their investments. Here are just a few opportunities for those who want to explore the metaverse but are not Designers or Artists.

Explore the possibilities as a Brand Strategist or Digital Marketing Manager

The metaverse is an opportunity to reach customers through an entirely new medium, engaging customers while exploring ways to be innovative. Brand Strategists will play a crucial role as companies figure out how the metaverse can bring value to their brand. They'll define the best approaches to engage with customers, from guiding market research to defining how their company's voice and tone translates in this new dimension to creating immersive experiences that align with campaign initiatives. (Hear how Nike, Adidas, and Prada are taking this to the next level in our recent Digitalks webinar.)

Digital Marketing Managers are also needed to conceptualize, produce, and carry out interactive campaigns that are so immersive they begin to blur the borders between the physical and digital worlds into a brand new phygital world. Through these experiences, companies will be able to tell stories, let customers engage with their products, and ultimately drive purchases—all without ever leaving the metaverse.

Image of Kate Gottfried
Kate Gottfried

Kate is a recruiting leader with 10 years of experience placing a wide variety of talent with backgrounds in marketing, creative, and digital. As part of Aquent's Metaverse Innovation Team and leader of the Metaverse & Development Practice Groups, she focuses on building relationships and providing exceptional customer service to both clients and talent. As Kate puts it, “The metaverse and web 3.0 technologies are the future, and I'm excited to explore this new frontier.”


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