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UX Job Builder

All you need to define your UX need.

UX roles and titles are constantly evolving. Sometimes it's hard to articulate exactly what you're looking for. So we created Persona, a tool that lets you select the capabilities you value most to build a custom profile for your next great UX hire. Done and done.

Persona makes it easy.

Think about what you need

We break down UX capabilities into six key areas. Go deep on just a few—or broader if you want a generalist.

Decide what's most important

Assign ten blocks across capabilities to show how important each is to you—the more blocks, the more important.

Review your results

Get a UX profile that includes the job title, a quick description of the role, and an outline of common UX activities and deliverables. Use your results with your Agent or as you plan your team and resources moving forward.

Want to give it a try?