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Playlist 018

One Planet

It’s April again and Earth Day is here, so our Sustainability ERG put this groovy little playlist together. Its songs are as diverse as this beautiful world we all inhabit. So fill your BPA-free water bottles up because hydration is key, then jam out and go do something to make Planet Earth better.

Playlist 017


This Women’s History Month, we’re all about the 3 E’s: Empowerment, Equity, and Excellent tunes. Our latest playlist from Jen Neve, Senior Marketing Manager for the UK, will take you there too. It’s packed with timeless pop hits from music’s most powerful ladies who most definitely run the world.

Playlist 016

Soulful Vybez

From blues to jazz, gospel to R&B, soul to hip hop and rap, African-Americans have indelibly shaped the music industry. This playlist celebrates songs that resonate across genres. Enjoy the rich tapestry of a musical heritage and grab some Soulful Vybes. Happy Black History Month!

Playlist 015

Audio Odyssey

Feeling a little groggy? Time to get proggy…with our progressive classic rock playlist—curated by Randy, a member of the Aquent Marketing team and avid progressive rock lover. These tracks will take you on a journey through the first decade of prog rock jams. Join us on an Audio Odyssey.

Playlist 014

Holiday Sparkle

Whether you find yourself wrapped in the warmth of festive lights or dancing under a different kind of star, our playlist is sure to add a little twinkle to your season. From new versions of familiar tunes to undiscovered gems, expect a lot more "nog" and a lot less "egg” in our latest holiday collection.

Playlist 013

Office Nightmares

You’re late for work. The wifi’s down. You just missed a meeting with a new client. Rushing, you click a phishing link that sucks you into a nightmarish office space filled with vampires, zombies, and terrifying monsters. They are your coworkers now. And this is your punk rock Halloween playlist.

Playlist 012

Vivo, Sueño

Spice up your day with this multicultural playlist courtesy of our Latin-ish Employee Resource Group. They mixed together their favorite songs to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month, though the many contributions of these diverse musical artists will add some extra pep to your step all year.

Playlist 011


Your retro funk back-to-school soundtrack from Aquent Gymnasium, our free online learning platform, which just turned 10 this year. Join the celebration of this stellar decade by listening to our playlist on repeat while you get down on some sweet, sweet learning.

Playlist 010

Still Dead

Dead & Company's last show may have sounded the world over, but the Grateful Dead's iconic music will not fade away. Our Deadheads at Aquent community group is making sure of that with this herculean playlist containing the finest live versions of the Dead's all-time most popular songs.

Playlist 009

Out Loud

In celebration and commemoration of the Stonewall Riots in 1969, a milestone in the fight for LGBTQIA+ rights and equality, we're celebrating June Pride Month with the songs that inspire us to live out loud!

Playlist 008

Blue Smoke, Orange Sky

This classic country playlist from our Social Media Manager, Katie O'Donnell, will get you in a down home Smoky Mountain mood. Featuring Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, Billy Strings, and more, it brings the backroads, renegade spirit you need to spark some creativity in the middle of your workday.

Playlist 007

Lightning Thunder

A playlist to transport you from what you're doing at work to the warm, breezy streets of Kingston, Jamaica. Curated by the one and only Andrew Morse, our resident reggae head and Global Creative Director, this mix of dub, dancehall, and roots from a seminal roster of artists brings the chill vibes.

Playlist 006


Blues to rock to hip-hop. Jazz to funk to R&B. As we wrap up another Black History Month, we reflect back on a chronology of musical artists of color. Those who've broken barriers with their iconic sounds. We are moved by the music they've made.

Playlist 005

Le Fromage d’Amour

Will you be my valentine? You might fondue or fon-don't want to. But either way, we made this playlist of cheesy love songs from the 1970s and beyond to awaken your inner Cupid and keep the lactose flowing. It's packed with loads of guilty pleasures, so indulge. That's what Valentine's Day is for.

Playlist 004

Ars Rover

A synthwave playlist from our Art Director Keven Morales—he curated it to transport you and keep you in the zone. If your career is like the cosmos and unique skill set the stars, Ars Rover is your mode of exploration.

Playlist 003

Rewind 2022

Rewind 2022 is a collective retrospective of our year in jams as curated by the members of our Creative-Marketing Team. We want to energize your workday with songs that inspire.

Playlist 002

Snow Globe Classics

Katie O'Donnell, our Social Media Manager, has mashed up the top global holiday hits. So whether you're still in a Diwali state of mind or gearing up for Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, or Christmas, go ahead and press play. Shake up your celebrations. Snow Globe Classics has you covered.

Playlist 001

Sweater Weather Mixtape

Slip into your favorite sweater, grab a hot cup of tea, and cozy up on the couch with this eclectic autumn playlist knit together by Veronika, the lead copywriter on our Global Creative Team. It's guaranteed to style out your fall season.

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