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Diversity Recruiting

Power a more powerfully diverse workforce.

Ready to turn your diversity goals into reality? Say hello to Diversity+. Our recruiting solution takes on the common challenges of data collection, proactive candidate sourcing, and measurement—so your candidate shortlists actually align with the workforce you want to create. And we go beyond gender and ethnicity to embrace all differences to help you create a workforce that's truly dynamic and innovative.

Making good numbers better.

For years, we've been about inclusive talent acquisition. That means ensuring all talent have equal opportunity and are encouraged to apply. Since March 2021, we've collected self-disclosed demographic data from more than 205,000 new applicants for positions with our clients.

55% Identify as female
49% Identify as BIPOC
15% Identify LGBTQIA+

We know our work isn't done, so we'll be updating these numbers quarterly.

A diversity solution that delivers.

Self-reported talent demographics

We collect voluntary data points from talent on ethnicity, gender identity, ability, veteran status, age, neurodiversity, and LGBTQIA+. Our response rate for new talent applicants is 89%.

Customizable diversity goal-setting

Tell us about your company's diversity goals, and we'll create a recruiting plan to attract and source candidates for your specific needs.

Diversity hiring team

Our recruiters aren't just experts. They're all trained on topics like diversity recruiting best practices and mitigating unconscious bias. They're also supported by Diversity Hiring Specialists who focus on attracting and developing talent pipelines and identifying candidates for specific client roles.

Proactive talent outreach

We use a number of best practices to attract talent—eliminating biased language in job descriptions, reaching talent through the Professional Diversity Network, colleges and universities, and other organizations, and engaging our Diversity Hiring Team.

Proprietary recruiting tools

We use the voluntary data points we've collected to develop a diverse candidate pool—always protecting candidate privacy and following legal and ethical recruiting practices.

Robust reporting

Our reports help you understand the composition of your candidates on an aggregate level. Using this data, we can help you identify opportunities to enhance the diversity of your team.

Our Relationships

Indeed knows diversity is a plus. That's why they use our Diversity+ solution.

When Indeed wanted to diversify their UX Research Team, they turned to Aquent. We helped identify areas needing more diverse representation, craft inclusive job descriptions, and fill their jobs with top talent. Has it been a success? Indeed, it has.

Service Used:

Diversity Recruiting

Neon Media turns to Aquent Talent to assemble a team that's right on target.

Emmy® Award-winning transmedia studio, Neon Media, is developing Shrapnel, an innovative new shooter game. Aquent Talent is helping them build a diverse team, including a super-talented new Lead Product Designer.

Service Used:

Diversity Recruiting

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