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Employer of Record

You've got the talent? We'll make the hire.

We've got a fresh approach to payroll transfer that gives you the flexibility you need and gives talent the experience they want. It's a win-win.

  • Bring on contingent talent without employing them directly
  • Re-engage talent you've worked with before—without added headcount
  • Mitigate risks that come with using contractors for temporary needs
  • Easily onboard and offboard groups of talent when you need them most

How working with us works.

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Recruit talent however you want

It's your call. Whether you want to bring on pre-identified candidates, referrals, alumni, retirees, interns, we're game.

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Employ talent through us

It's simple. We become the employer of record. Talent get amazing care and support, industry-leading benefits, and career development. And you don't have to worry about a thing.

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Fast, easy onboarding

Our Onboarding Specialists take care of everything, including your hiring requirements, onboarding process, and orientation so talent can get started within three days.

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The more talent, the better

Give your freelancers a consistently great experience, mitigate co-employment risk, and save money as you add more talent to the program.

Why work with us?

Less risk

Talent are our W-2 employees, so you don't have to worry about worker misclassification. We also help mitigate co-employment risk by keeping talent happy and productive. How? With industry-leading benefits and options for you to customize them further.

Coverage that can't be beat

Talent are eligible for benefits even for part-time or short-term assignments. Our package includes employer-subsidized major medical, vision, and dental plans, paid sick leave for all hourly talent in the U.S. and Canada, a retirement plan with employer match, multiple flexible spending accounts, and more.

Amazing talent care

Regular check-ins. Career coaching. Skills training. And that's all just for starters. There's a reason we've won ClearlyRated's Best of Talent Satisfaction Award for more than a decade.

Client Testimonials

We greatly value the responsiveness of our representatives.
Michael F. American Medical Group Association
They are always present and ready to help. We've had a great relationship with them.
Jonah T. Diff Agency
Great follow-up and communication.
Megan C. Hydrow

Our Relationships

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As Microsoft empowers people to do more, we foster a culture of talent care.

When Microsoft wanted its staffing vendors to offer robust benefits, we provided premium health coverage, paid time off and leave. We also fostered a culture encouraging talent to use them. Once rolled out, turnover dropped dramatically.

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Employer of Record

Payrolling that truly pays off for Eventbrite.

We've been Eventbrite's employer of record since 2018—and we've payrolled 100+ people in roles supporting their event and ticketing business. We manage everything from onboarding to benefits to complex payroll requirements for talent all over the U.S.

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Employer of Record

On a mission to customize talent care for Halo developer 343 Industries, we won the game.

While we focus on supporting talent through swift onboarding, premium benefits, and career development programs, 343 Industries focuses on doing what they do best—overseeing one of the most epic game franchises in history: Halo.

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Employer of Record