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Could flexible working lead to healthier, connected communities?


Could flexible working lead to healthier, connected communities? Could flexible working lead to healthier, connected communities?

Key Takeaways

  • Aquent's 2021 Talent Insights Report found that people miss being around others, collaboration with co-workers, and the buzz and energy of the office.
  • Setting up localized work hubs would give people a sense of purpose and focus at work, a connection to their neighborhood and community, and a physical way to get to and from work.
  • Work hubs near where people live would help cross-functional teams succeed and make it easier to unplug.
  • These hubs would also promote local connectedness and healthier lifestyle choices, such as cycling or walking to work rather than commuting.

Since working 100% from home from late March 2020 I have taken more walks in my local neighborhood. I was already walking my ‘hood semi-frequently prior, thanks to young children who enjoy bike riding and playgrounds. And yet – thanks to COVID and working from home – this increase of local activity has meant I have re-connected with a neighbor I had no interactions with for over 2 years. Now we cross paths regularly and always stop for a chat. I have discovered the ‘beautiful house' where a community library box has meant my kids could swap story books even when the council library was closed.

We all know things won't ever go back to ‘how they were' from a work perspective and really we shouldn't want them to either. Because of COVID19 we have jumped into the future, condensing the next work-revolution into months instead of years.

The question many are now asking is:

Andrea Boundy

Andrea Boundy is a design leader, speaker and writer based in Melbourne, Australia – known for fostering connection with a passion for inclusion, diversity, and accessibility. She brings a broad perspective to her work from designing and leading teams in creative agencies, not-for-profits, software and enterprises. Today, Andrea leads arguably Australia's biggest digital Visual Design team at Telstra.


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