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Key insights: The great resignation and hybrid work model.

By Aquent Talent

Key Takeaways

  • Aquent Talent's 2021 Talent Insights report features survey findings from over 1,300 creative, marketing, and design professionals in the U.S. and Canada.
  • The report covers two major themes: the Great Resignation and the rise of the hybrid workplace model.
  • With 35% of respondents actively looking for new jobs in 2021 and an additional 10% open to new roles, companies can use the Great Resignation as an opportunity to woo passive candidates.
  • The report also recommends companies not overlook existing talent and take steps to show their appreciation so as not to lose their current teams.
  • Companies that fail to recognize the importance of a hybrid work model may struggle in the fight for talent.

With the New Year right around the corner, companies are taking stock to see how they navigated the uncharted waters of 2021 and looking ahead to new challenges and opportunities in 2022.

Over the past months we've given you a preview of our 2021 Talent Insights. Now, the complete report is available for download. The report features the findings gathered through our surveys of over 1,300 creative, marketing, and design professionals across the U.S. and Canada. In addition to the unique look at what talent value most, it also includes salary data for essential roles broken out by geography and compared to 2020. In addition, it provides recommendations on leveraging a remote work model to manage costs, access highly skilled workers, and improve workforce diversity.

Here's a high-level overview of the two major themes of the report.

Is the Great Resignation your great opportunity?

When asked about their career mindset midway through 2021, 35% of respondents told us they were actively looking for new jobs. However, that statistic doesn't include “passive candidates,” which jumped by 10% during the same period. Passive candidates refers to talent who may not be actively looking but would be open to a good offer.

This means, don't overlook your existing talent and take steps to let them know you value and appreciate them. Plus, the Great Resignation could be your opportunity to woo passive candidates who are open to a new role. Read the report to see the average salary increase it takes for talent to make a move.


Over 7.5 million workers quit in April and May of 2021. The highest rate in 20 years.

Hello, hybrid workplace

The second major theme of the report examines the rise of the hybrid working model, which refers to when an employee works remote in some capacity. In short, the ability to work hybrid is working—productivity is up, overhead is down. Companies that fail to recognize the importance of this new work model will end up on the losing side in the fight for talent. For women, flexible working arrangements ranked higher than Compensation, as a key consideration for their next role.


98% of talent want to work remotely at least some of the time.

Insights you need to stay competitive

Our 2021 Talent Insights is a comprehensive look at what's most important to talent. The bottom line is that it's a hyper-competitive, talent-driven market. These insights, salary data, and recommendations will give you the intelligence to navigate the new world of work. It's exactly the kind of tool companies need to compete for the best talent today and in the years to come. Download your copy today and get informed!