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How to apply online (and actually get a job).


How to apply online (and actually get a job). How to apply online (and actually get a job).

Key Takeaways

  • There are 250 applicants for every posted job opening, with only four to six getting an interview.
  • It's important to be picky and focus on companies that align with your skills and experience.
  • Follow the job application instructions carefully, including necessary documentation, and avoiding sending multiple applications to the same organization.
  • Resume SEO is important for avoiding rejection by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).
  • Stay organized when applying for multiple job, and be prepared for interviews, including video interviews.

We all know that finding a job is a job itself. And often a thankless one. Glassdoor estimates that there are 250 applicants for every posted job opening, with only four to six of them scoring an interview. With our current COVID-19 crisis and the unemployment rate at a whopping 14.7%, that figure just went way up. That's why we bundled seven of the best job search tips on how to apply online to help you snag that shiny new role. 

1. Be picky, not desperate

Think quality, not quantity. Concentrate on the companies you'd be really excited to work for, and whose roles actually line up with your experience and skills. Be particularly wary of throwing everything at one company's wall to see what sticks. Allison Green, author of the Ask a Manager blog, says, “The danger in applying for multiple jobs at the same organization is that you can come across as unfocused or naive about what you're well suited for.”

2. Get in the application weeds

Did you know almost half of all job applicants don't follow directions? Andrea Clement, a Communications Director of a national healthcare recruiting firm, says, “Most of the time, if the directions aren't followed, you won't be considered for the job,” she says. Ouch. So, make sure to read carefully (e.g., if they ask for your best sample, don't send five), include necessary documentation (like a cover letter or references), and hit up spell check. Here's a helpful list of things typically needed on a job application so you're prepared.