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How to ace your next interview: Our best interviewing tips


How to ace your next interview: Our best interviewing tips How to ace your next interview: Our best interviewing tips

To help you be the best you when interviewing, we're sharing our top 5 videos for sharpening your interviewing skills. That's 10 minutes total to up your game! (Of course, before you actually interview, peep our Check Salary tool to see what you should be paid for your awesome work. With over 100 marketing and creative roles, we've got you covered.) Here are our best interviewing tips.

1. The basics: 3 quick video interview tips

This quick hitter focuses on the essentials: testing your technology beforehand, avoiding distractions, and dressing the part. That last one may take you more than two minutes to cover, as you'll need to always keep the company's culture in mind while also always being true to yourself. For further reading, here are some awesome suggestions to keep in mind while you're primping.

2. The firsts: 3 first impressions hiring managers are looking for

You never get a second chance at this, right? So take it seriously. For starters, show up a few minutes early, even if you're hanging out in an empty virtual room. Also, do your homework on the company. Ask questions that are particular to that place. Lastly, be wary of crossed arms or slouching. (Check out this body language breakdown from the Megan and Harry interview.)

3. The sale: 3 tips for selling yourself in an interview

Just because you landed the interview doesn't mean you'll land the job. To sell yourself at this stage, you have to focus on the company's needs (not your own). Get in their mindset. Also, be prepared to give specific examples of how you acted in different situations and the outcome. And never be afraid to show your excitement about the job! Just make sure you don't cross over into desperation territory.

4. The table turning: 3 questions to ask in an interview

You're usually the one being asked questions but don't forget—you're also interviewing them to see if you'd actually want to work there. To get a sense of the job, ask what success looks like in the role you're applying for. To find out what kind of boss they might be, ask about the best feedback they've ever given. And to find out how invested they are, ask what's next for them.

As career strategist Terri Hackett puts it, “The very process of asking questions completely changes the dynamic of the interview and the hiring manager's perception of you.” (And if you need any more ideas for questions, here are 34 other gems.)

5. The don'ts: 3 mistakes you're making in interviews

Rounding out our top 5 is this video about what not to do. Don't make it seem like you would take any job (read: super desperate). Be specific about why you want this particular one. Secondly, don't make it all about you. Tell them why you would be good for them. And thirdly, don't come without questions! (See the previous paragraph for inspo!) If you want to be extra prepared, here are 9 more things to definitely not do.

Okay, so there you have it. Our best interview tips ever. We hope your dream gig is yours soon! In the meantime, be sure to catch our latest videos on your favorite platform—we're on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. If you have two minutes, you'll have even more tricks up your sleeve. 

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