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We know people who know people.

If there's one thing we know, it's that relationships make all the difference in finding the perfect hire. Our recruiters leverage these relationships, along with their expertise, to bring you wow-worthy candidates every time. Now, our recruiting network just got even better.

Our exclusive Connector Network represents experienced industry leaders with extensive connections in their fields. Working together, we're able to provide even more access to top-tier talent for specialized roles.

The net benefits.

Exclusive connections

Connectors are well-respected experts and influencers in their fields—committed to tapping into their own networks to find high-quality talent for you.

Candidate endorsements

Our Connectors endorse all of our candidates, so you'll have confidence in them. Whether sharing details of an opportunity or highlighting the candidate's fit for your role, our Connectors are plugged in.

Expanded talent pool

Top talent aren't always actively searching for a job—but would consider moving for the right role. Our Connectors leverage their networks and influence to help you reach these “passive talent” who are otherwise off your radar.

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