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Top blog posts from 2021 on diversity, remote work, LinkedIn, and hiring.


Top blog posts from 2021 on diversity, remote work, LinkedIn, and hiring. Top blog posts from 2021 on diversity, remote work, LinkedIn, and hiring.

By any measure, 2021 was quite a year. From the continuing effects of the pandemic to the Great Resignation, it was a year of great challenges and even greater opportunities. Learn more about remote work and diversity. To help you with the latter, we're sharing our six most popular blog posts from the past year. Enjoy!

How to build a more effective remote team.

From managing schedules to running remote team-building activities, the new world of work is very different from working in an office.

Unlocking creativity through diversity.

Diversity continues to be a hot topic, for all the right reasons. In this post, author, speaker, and expert on creativity, diversity, and storytelling, Aiden Yang, illustrates how diversity is the essential key to unlocking creativity. He makes a strong argument that great minds do not think alike and that it's diversity that leads to more creativity and success.

Don't ignore the side effects of remote work. Take action.

The last two years have proven that working remotely simply works on many levels. Almost everyone likes certain aspects of it: more flexibility, no more hour-long commutes, spending more time with family. But, it's a big change for many. This post by Susie Hall—who leads roundtable discussions with creative leaders across the U.S.—explores the darker side of the trend.

How to create a great LinkedIn profile for designers.

For many Designers, LinkedIn is a useful, but not an ideal, platform for showcasing their skills. This highly read post provides guidance from three of our top Recruiters/Agents on how creatives can create a LinkedIn profile that gets them noticed. It covers eight essentials from photos to career highlights. It's a must-read for any creative, including UX Designers, Art Directors, and Creative Directors, looking to get the most out of LinkedIn.

7 non-technical skills your creative candidates should have.

A lot of creatives have amazing books. And even more can wow you with their laundry list of technical skills. But when it comes to hiring, you want to go beyond the book to find a creative who elevates your team and your projects. This post features seven non-technical skills that every hiring manager needs to look for when reviewing candidates, from time management to storytelling. Finding those candidates who excel in these “soft skills” will always ensure you make the best hires.

How to solve remote work challenges on your team.

The future of work is shifting constantly. It's tumultuous. Unpredictable. No matter how it changes, the best thing you can do is take care of the people that make your work possible. Understanding and recognizing their needs as individuals, and building an environment that people want to work in will ensure that your business is capable of tackling many of the challenges that remote working poses.

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