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Diversity recruiting tools to match your organization.


Diversity recruiting tools to match your organization. Diversity recruiting tools to match your organization.

As companies invest in hiring and retaining a more diverse and inclusive workforce, HR leaders are finding that diversity recruiting tools are critical to these efforts. But finding the right diversity hiring tools can be a daunting task since there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Fortunately, there are plenty of great resources available that can help with diversity recruitment, regardless of whether you need a DIY approach or a comprehensive, end-to-end solution. 

From diversity resume databases and job boards to expert diversity recruiters and AI-driven talent platforms, there are many different types of diversity recruiting tools and services that cater to specific needs and goals. Determining which diversity hiring tools are right for your business requires a clear understanding of your unique recruitment process and, probably, some experimentation and trial and error. Nonetheless, these tools can be indispensable when it comes to building an inclusive workplace of top talent.

Affinity job boards

Access experienced underrepresented talent by utilizing affinity job boards. These unique resources bring employers and potential candidates together to open the door for new opportunities, aiding those with diverse backgrounds in finding a supportive workplace. A few examples include:

College and university partnerships

College and university partnerships give you access to new talent entering the workforce. Developing partnerships with historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and Hispanic-serving institutions (HSIs) is a great way to tap into these underrepresented populations and build your talent pipeline.

Educational resources

If you're looking to upskill your team and learn best practices that you can implement yourself, check out Aquent's Diversity Toolkit. We've put together three action-packed reports with diversity recruitment expert Jenn Tardy and diversity educator Kate Slater to give you a roadmap of proven diversity recruiting strategies. LinkedIn also has a wide array of educational content in its Diversity, equity, and inclusion resource hub.

Employee resource groups (ERGs)

Employee resource groups (ERGs) are an excellent way for companies to promote a sense of belonging and create an inclusive work atmosphere. By allowing employees to lead the charge, these groups develop employee relationships, which improve workplace culture and enhance the company as a desirable place to work. Incorporating ERG activities is essential in order for organizations to sharpen their talent pool while also providing growth opportunities not available elsewhere.

Equity audits

An equity audit is a benchmarking tool that looks at all aspects of equity and inclusion in an organization, including things like hiring, performance reviews, compensation, retention, promotions, and more. The audit identifies organizational gaps, which you can use to create a roadmap for improvement. By conducting an equity audit, you may find processes you want to change or identify areas where unconscious bias is negatively impacting your diversity recruiting efforts.

Hiring events

Explore hiring events that focus on highlighting historically underrepresented groups.  These gatherings can put you in touch with employees who are seeking a workplace committed to inclusion, equity, and diversity. Here are a few resources for events:

Aquent's diversity recruiting solution, Diversity+, takes on the common diversity recruiting challenges of proactive candidate sourcing, data collection, and measurement, so your candidate shortlists actually align with the workforce you want to create. Our expert diversity recruiters are all trained on topics like diversity recruiting best practices and mitigating unconscious bias.

Social media networking groups (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook)

Follow social media groups that cater to specific audiences so that you can be aware of trending topics and concerns. Check out these resources to get started:

Recruiting software

With the help of recruiting software, you can quickly and efficiently find ideal candidates for open positions. However, it's important to set search parameters that are wide-ranging enough so as not to overlook qualified prospects. This step is vital in ensuring an impartial hiring process free from bias. A few examples include:

Teamwork makes the dreamwork with Diversity Recruiting Tools

To create a truly inclusive work environment where every individual feels valued requires more than just effort; it takes the right tools as well! While DIY solutions may suffice for some organizations, others might benefit from comprehensive diversity recruiting programs that ultimately make bigger strides. If you seek an even deeper understanding of effective diversity recruitment strategies, then our team of experts can provide guidance, or take a look at our informative guide to learn more about this critical topic.

This is an introductory guide to diversity recruiting tools. Reach out to our diversity recruiting experts here if you would like to discuss this more. You can also visit our guide on diversity recruiting strategies to learn more about diversity recruiting.

Image of Den ​​Mondejar
Den ​​Mondejar

Den ​​Mondejar is a marketing professional and change leader passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I).  For over 15 years, he has worked on developing​ ​teams, improving experiences, and increasing employer brand value.  At Aquent, he leads our Diversity+ recruiting solution, helping small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and Fortune 100 companies achieve their workforce diversity goals in a meaningful way.  Den also sits on Aquent's Diversity Council, is the BIPOC Employee Resource Group Co-Chair, and has completed Cornell University's Diversity and Inclusion certification program.  


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