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Marketing Operations Manager

Upper Gywnedd, PA


Placement Type:

Temp to Perm

Salary (USD):

$85 - 105K DOE

Start Date:


Aquent Studios is looking to hire a Marketing Operations Manager for our major Pharma client.

Please Note: The candidate should live within commuting distance of our client’s office in Upper Gywnedd,PA. You would need to go into the office 1 – 3 days per week, depending on the week. 

Your primary role will be to oversee the operations of the ecosystem marketing agile team, ensure successful campaign development/implementation, measure campaign/initiative success, and drive internal alignment within the agile marketing framework. This multifaceted role requires a combination of strategic thinking, cross-functional collaboration,project management, and technical expertise.

1. Campaign Development/Implementation:
o Lead campaign ideation, planning, and execution processes.
o Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure alignment with business objectives.
o Develop comprehensive campaign strategies that leverage agile marketing principles.
o Monitor campaign progress and adjust strategies as needed.

2. Agile Marketing Framework Support:
o Work with the cross-functional team to define best practices.
o Provide guidance on sprint planning, backlog management, and prioritization.
o Foster a culture of experimentation, innovation, and continuous improvement.
o Facilitate collaboration and communication within the agile marketing team.
o Ensure the adoption and adherence of agile marketing principles and frameworks.

3. Operations Management and Measurement:
o Monitor and report on OKRs to measure campaign success.
o Coordinate and manage marketing operations, including resource allocation and
o Identify operational bottlenecks and implement solutions to improve efficiency.
o Develop and maintain documentation related to processes, workflows, and metrics.
o Foster a collaborative and inclusive team environment.

1. Experience:
o Proven experience in campaign development/implementation, marketing operations,
and measurement. Pharma experience is a plus.
o Familiarity with agile marketing principles and methodologies.
o Strong understanding of analytics and performance metrics.
o Experience using project management tools.
o Proven experience working with a variety of stakeholders and fostering cross-functional

2. Technical Skills:
o Excellent project management and organizational skills.
o Experience with JIRA, WorkFront and Veeva PromoMats
o Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities.
o Effective communication and leadership skills.
o Ability to work in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment.
o Proficient in data analysis and reporting tools.

3. Interpersonal Skills:
o Emotional Intelligence: Demonstrating empathy, self-awareness, and the ability to
manage emotions is crucial when dealing with a variety of stakeholders.
o Active Listening: Being an active listener allows you to understand the concerns and
motivations of cross-functional stakeholders. It involves paying attention, asking
clarifying questions, and paraphrasing to ensure a clear understanding of their
o Conflict Resolution: Proficiency in conflict resolution techniques is essential when
dealing with challenging stakeholders. Being able to mediate conflicts, find common
ground, and facilitate open dialogue can help reach mutually beneficial resolutions.
o Negotiation Skills: Strong negotiation skills enable the role to find win-win solutions with
a variety of stakeholders. They should be able to assertively advocate for the team’s 
needs while considering the stakeholder’s interests.
o Diplomacy and Tact: This position requires diplomacy and tact in communication. It
involves choosing the right words, tone, and approach to address concerns, manage
expectations, and maintain positive relationships.
o Influence and Persuasion: The ability to influence and persuade stakeholders is vital in
gaining their support and cooperation.
o Problem-Solving: Strong problem-solving skills are necessary to address challenges and
potential roadblocks. This includes identifying root causes, exploring alternative
solutions, and implementing strategies to mitigate conflicts or obstacles.
o Patience and Resilience: Dealing with multiple priorities and stakeholders can be
challenging, and it requires patience and resilience. The ability to stay calm, maintain
composure, and persevere through adversity is critical for success.


Compensation Range: $85 – 105K DOE

The range provided is our reasonable estimate of the compensation for this role. The actual amount may be higher or lower, based on factors such as experience, knowledge, skills, abilities and location.



Client Description

Aquent Studios is a global creative studio that delivers scale, speed and efficiency to the world’s most recognized brands.  We create the work that matters the most to them—work that has a real impact on their business. As an Aquent Studio team member, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with the largest and most influential companies in the world, solving design challenges and extending their brands across tactic types and platforms, including digital design, UI/UX, video, motion, content, print design, web development, and more.  If you want to do work that matters in a collaborative setting that values ingenuity and personal growth, you have found the right place!