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Digital Advertising Specialist (Hybrid)

Atlanta, Georgia


Placement Type:


Salary (USD):

$55K - $60K

Start Date:


We are looking for a passionate and energetic Digital Advertising Specialist (Hybrid) to join our growing Demand Generation team. If you speak CPL, CPC, CTR and ROAS, we want to talk to you! Reporting to the Director of Demand Generation, the Digital Advertising Specialist will play a critical role in our paid advertising strategy. This role will deepen your expertise in how to build, execute and manage world-class campaigns using digital advertising to drive market awareness, sales opportunities and revenue. You’ll get full-funnel visibility into how your work is impacting key marketing and business KPIs but more importantly an opportunity to learn how to pull levers that optimize these metrics for improved outcomes leveraging best practices in campaign, technology, and lead management.

Experience with Marketing Technology is key to long-term growth opportunities as you progress in your career and in this role, you’ll gain hands-on experience across a wide range of marketing technologies that help support and optimize the work you do, including, Marketo, Miro, ZoomInfo, Trello, Goldcast, Chili Piper and more.


Your Performance Objectives – What You Will Accomplish

Within 3 months you will:

  • Familiarize yourself with broader marketing team roles, processes and begin to participate in the ongoing cadence of team meetings.
  • Review and contemplate our Ideal Customer Profile and Personas.
  • Learn about our Marketing Tech stack and understand its role in our overall marketing strategy, and how you will use it in your role.
  • Familiarize yourself with digital and campaign marketing operations, management and execution.
  • Complete the Metadata training course and receive your certification to form the foundation for future digital advertising campaign management.
  • Complete Google’s Adwords certification course to learn the basics of running PPC (pay-per-click).

Within your first 6 months you will:

  • You are able to create dynamic audiences and build campaigns within the Metadata platform and speak to some metrics of campaign success. You will build on this by working directly the Metadata on launching and optimizing ads.
  • You are learning and are beginning to leverage Salesforce to support digital campaign operations and reporting.
  • You are taking ownership of the Google Adwords account, running campaigns, managing bids, improving keyword strategy.
  • You are developing and nurturing meaningful and collaborative relationships with your team members, displaying clear and timely communication, and acting proactively across your work.

Within your first 12 months you will:

  • You communicate regularly with the sales team on announcements for upcoming campaigns, status of current campaigns, and results of completed campaigns.
  • You are very capable of setting up campaigns and building reports within Salesforce to report on events and digital advertising performance.
  • You are able to create, launch, report on and optimize campaigns in Metadata and suggest improvements to our overall strategy, specifically identifying any potential gaps in advertising.
  • You are effectively communicating and collaborating with internal Design and Content marketing teams to optimize the launch of new creative initiatives and campaigns.
  • You successfully own and manage the quarterly digital advertising, campaign and project management process by coordinating efforts across the marketing team and ensuring campaigns are on track and on time.
  • You are bringing new ideas to the table and are proactively developing ways to improve campaign planning, management, communication, collaboration and execution.

Competencies – What We are Looking For

You get the basics and have some experience: Whether from your college degree in marketing, advertising or related field or past job experience you have a foundational understanding of digital marketing and social media advertising.

Strong communication skills: You have a bias for frequent, clear, timely and proactive communication

Resilient: Marketing is hard and the only constraint today in marketing is change. The best marketers are able to manage multiple projects at once, adapt to constant shifts, be willing to try new things and fail and can adapt to shorter deadlines or shift to other projects if needed.

Detail oriented: Running campaigns, events, and digital ads has a lot of moving parts. Having a preference for processes, being thorough, accurate and organized with your work are critical.

Team player: You will work with lots of different people to make your campaigns come to life across a multitude of digital channels. Collaboration, patience, communication, being easy to work with, and laughter are key.



Why we think YOU should come work with us

A safe space for creativity. We believe there is no precise formula for creativity; it’s a wild, unbounded force that needs space to be effective. You will work in a space where you are trusted to try new approaches, where you can feel confident as master of your work, where no ideas are “bad ideas” until proven otherwise, and where everyone is encouraged to go beyond what they’ve already done, and failure is an opportunity to learn.

Set up for success. You will be working with senior, experienced and passionate Marketers who have been in your shoes, will coach you and will provide you with the resources, experiences and opportunities you need to reach your full potential as an up-and-coming marketer.

Make an impact. The work you do will make tangible, significant impacts on our marketing strategy and the business – from increasing lead generation to sales opportunities to revenue.

Keep learning. You will learn about a variety of areas of marketing and grow as a marketer. Develop and tune your skills in communication, digital advertising, and marketing operations. We believe in personal and professional development and will ensure this area is nurtured.

Enjoy where you work. We are continually recognized as a Top Workplace in Atlanta by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and most recently national recognition as a Great Place To Work®.

Save for retirement. We offers a 401k retirement plan with company match.

Stay healthy. We offer 100% employer-paid health, dental, and vision insurance for employee-only coverage, competitive family health, dental and vision, and life insurance plans. Profisee also offers employee wellness days throughout the year where you can recharge, re-energize or do whatever is going to fill your cup

Have a life. Our employees enjoy autonomy and flexibility. From a hybrid-friendly environment to generous PTO, we aim to support the work-life balance you need. When you live well, we all enjoy the benefits.

Engaged Leadership. Our CEO and Executive Leadership team believe in and focus on organizational health, which supports and drives healthy culture throughout the company.



Growth Mindset: This is the core key value. There are no limits and we accept mistakes as a part of growing and trying new things. This is one of the things that makes work, life, and our environment both fun and rewarding.

Constructive Candor: Everyone knows how each other feels when we leave a room. We enjoy diverse perspectives with the purpose of finding the best answer, not defending our own.

Helpful: We feel helping our teammates and winning together is more fulfilling than accomplishing something on our own. We want things for, not from, each other.

Get Stuff Done: We have the grit, creativity, and resilience to accomplish our goals no matter the obstacles. We deliver results, not reasons.

Fun is Where Fun is Made: We covet the journey as much as the destination. We strive to make each other laugh along the way.