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We helped shift General Motors’ digital experiences into high gear.

Services: Temporary Talent

To help dealers create consistent digital experiences, General Motors asked us to run a pilot, scale quickly, and become a “vendor on premises.” We displaced expensive agencies and managed an on-site team of 130 Digital Dealer Managers.

General Motors General Motors

When Disney launched its streaming service, we helped make the magic happen.

Services: Temporary Talent

Disney+ had all the great entertainment content to be successful but relied on our talent (Designers, Video Editors, etc.) to create marketing that attracted 30 million happy subscribers in just three months.

Disney+ Disney+

Helping Capital One transform its digital and physical spaces. That’s banking reimagined.

Services: Temporary Talent

Capital One is redefining banking with new digital and physical customer experiences from chatbots to neighborhood cafes. 50+ Aquent talent (UXers, Art Directors, Designers, and Copywriters) are at the heart of this game-changing transformation.

Capital One Capital One

Helping CVS help all people live healthier lives.

Services: Temporary Talent

As a healthcare company, CVS knows how important it is to make accessibility a priority. That’s why they count on our seriously skilled talent to help create experiences that are accessible to all on every project.


Xbox was looking for hard-to-find, dual-skilled talent. We said game on.

Services: Temporary Talent

To its 100 million active monthly users, Xbox Live is far more than a console. Our hybrid Designer-Developers have the visual and coding skills to help the premiere gaming ecosystem transform how games are distributed, played, and experienced.

Xbox Xbox

Fans of Perfect Dark have waited years for a reboot. We’re helping The Initiative deliver.

Services: Temporary Talent

The latest Perfect Dark is the first game from Microsoft’s The Initiative. We brought together some of the most talented and passionate game makers from around the industry to reimagine one of the best loved IPs in gaming history.

The Initiative The Initiative

We help make it possible for Minecraft to create playgrounds where anything is possible.

Services: Temporary Talent

With over 200 million copies sold, Minecraft is the #1 selling game of all time. Working out of Mojang’s Redmond, WA studios, our design talent are creating visuals to support the ever-evolving experience that is the game’s calling card.

Mojang Studios Mojang Studios

Assembling a diverse team that’s right on target.

Services: Diversity Recruiting

Emmy® Award-winning transmedia studio, Neon Media, is developing Shrapnel, an innovative new shooter game. Our Diversity+ recruiting solution is helping them build a diverse team, including a super-talented new Lead Product Designer.

Neon Media Neon Media